Tough Defense Against Serious Violent Charges

There are a number of circumstances that can lead to accusations of a violent crime. Sometimes, a minor dispute can turn into an alleged violent action. Simply levying allegations of a violent crime can create the assumption of guilt before you have had the chance to defend yourself.

Violent criminal charges are serious matters that require the hand of a skilled defense lawyer. The Law Firm of Gil Colón, Jr., has defended individuals facing state and federal violent criminal charges for nearly 30 years. We will take every necessary action to protect your legal rights and mitigate the consequences that a conviction can bring.

Trusted Counsel For All Violent Crimes

There are a broad range of violent crimes in Florida, and each one requires a unique approach when creating a defense strategy. Attorney Colón thoroughly analyzes every client's case to determine how best to proceed to help you establish a strong defense. Having resolved more than 10,000 cases in his career, we know how best to proceed based on the facts of your case.

Our premiere law firm helps individuals throughout Polk County fight back against the full spectrum of alleged violent crimes, including:

  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Aggravated battery
  • Weapons charges
  • Murder

Legal Representation Focused On Your Needs

We focus on fostering an atmosphere tailored to advance your best interests. Our firm works through your case with the goal of finding an outcome that reflects your best interests. Our team will return your calls and emails in a timely manner and will always treat your questions and concerns with the respect they deserve.

By taking the time to learn about your case, we are able to provide honest, straightforward advice that helps you understand your options, the possible consequences you might be facing and what your options are.

We are always willing to fight for our clients in court. Attorney Colón is a former prosecutor and is known to be a fearless, skilled litigator. Because prosecutors know we are willing to take a case the distance, we are often able to reach favorable outcomes for our clients.

Our primary office in Bartow is located just two blocks from the Polk County Courthouse. Attorney Colón practices there on a daily basis and works to develop a close bond with every one of our clients.

Contact Our Polk County Offices To Discuss Your Case

With offices in Bartow, Lakeland and Haines City, we are prepared to learn more about your case. Schedule a free consultation at 863-410-0039. We also welcome all inquiries through the contact form on our website.